Romance is Dead Society

Back in high school (way back), I won’t say the date, but you can figure it out, I used to go to movies a lot with my friends.  In fact that was the number one thing to do, probably followed closely by hanging out at fast food restaurants, hanging out in the mall, cruising, and going dancing.  My friend, Cheri, and I went to see “Romancing the Stone.”  It was life changing.  We loved it.  We wanted to be “THE Joan Wilder.”  I still love that movie.  Then we saw “The Dead Poets Society” and that was life changing in a different way.  After that, we decided that we would become the “Romance is Dead Society.”  I’m not sure if we had a motto or any official meetings, but a great number of our correspondence would include the “Romance is Dead Society.”  It was more of a romantic ideal and we loved the idea of it, the hopeful irony of it.  Anyhow, I was thinking about it this week.  I’m not sure why.  I’m much less of a romantic than I used to be. I wonder if you can really, truly be a ‘hopeful’ romantic when you are a married housewife with two kids?  Sigh…

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