If writing has taught me anything…

In my quest to become a writer, I have been a sponge for all things about writing.  One of my favorites is Author Magazine.  http://www.authormagazine.org  It’s an online magazine for writers and has amazing interviews with writers on writing.  I love the interviews with Editor-In-Chief, Bill Kenower.  He almost always ends his interviews with the question, “Finish this sentence for me.  If writing has taught me anything, it has taught me what…?”  (I can even hear his voice in my head as I type this.)

So in my pretend interviews in my head, (you know, for when I become a famous author) I always try and answer this question.  Usually, I do this once a week after having watched a recent interview.  The surprising thing is that I have realized, my answer changes from week to week.

Mostly, I agree with answers that other authors have given and even in their variations I find that those answers really only differ in terms of semantics.  Occasionally, I do find that I can’t see my answer ever being one that someone has given, but that’s fine.  I can see all these answers as being right for me on any given day… perseverance, discipline, a voice, determination, belief in myself, belief in my writing, persistence… it all makes sense.

Today, I came up with my most brilliant answer ever.  If writing has taught me anything, it has taught me the art of procrastination and how to get around it.

I think this is particularly poignant as I am supposed to be writing up a character profile for my book cover illustrator.  But I’ll get to that…

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