Next week is National Poetry Month

April 1st begins National Poetry Month here in the United States.   You can look for or start events in your area.   The official poster is available at

They also have a list of 3o ways to celebrate the month.  I like “Take a poem out to lunch” and “Put a poem on the pavement”.


I am excited to have the following guest bloggers contribute poems which will be posted every day in April.  I still have spots available.  If you are interested please comment below.

B.G.  Bowers
Elizabeth Fountain
Roderick Hart
J.D. Brink
Amanda Hough
Eric Huffman
Michael O’Connor
Lori Lynne Armstrong (Tertia)
Anna Mosca
Rachel “in the OC” Thompson
D.A. Botta
Casi Thomason
Bonnie McClellan
Jakub Sofranko
Tonjia Atomic
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Jodey Mann

I’m so excited for April.  Check back next Tuesday for all the fun.

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