California Notebooks – National Poetry Month Day 4 with Anna Mosca

Welcome to day four of National Poetry Month.  Today I am pleased to present fellow WordPress blogger and  poet Anna Mosca.  I’m pleased to have selected her parents’ anniversary as her guest blog date.  Happy Anniversary to Anna’s parents!  You can find her vivid poems some in English and some in Italian along with her photography .  Check those out on her link below.  Enjoy!


This poem is taken from the collection California Notebooks. California Notebooks is a diary in poetic format of my time in California. The project started in August 2013 and it was, at the beginning, bilingual, English and Italian. The poems were coming to me, at the same time, in both languages. With time English prevailed and the last poems, included this one, are in English only.

Poetry has always been part of my life. A lifesaver during hard times when I could not handle pain, a “touching base”, a balm. The knowledge of a hidden deeper world. A secret language leading to new lands. Nowdays it is predominant among all of my artistic expressions and it’s a daily task, absolutely necessary. It has become a life giving habit. Digging into ones emotions, observing them and describing them to others, or to oneself, is a necessary convolution, healing and nourishing. I came to realize it is fundamental as eating and sleeping. Finding identifications in other people poetry also gives us a very strong sense of belonging to a beautiful and complex oneness where we hold, each one, our uniqueness.

Photo A. Mosca California Notebooks

a river pouring
you are not rushing

to me poetry flows
out is hard to contain

I’ve no hands for that use
I’ve new eyes to embrace

strong legs clasped around
it’s an odd place wonderful

to be tell me what is
new today with you


Anna Mosca Copyright 2014

Of Italian nationality but at heart a globe-trotter loves to immerse herself in other cultures. Artist and Professor of Arts express herself through, and teaches on the subjects of, photography, poetry, and painting.
When possible she likes to have these discipline completing one another. Her current blog on wordpress: annamosca.wordpress,com includes poetry and photography and she has started seminars on the healing property these disciplines hold.
She majored (at the Art Academy of Brera in Milan, Italy) with a thesis on the complete Conceptual Art work of Jenny Holzer. A contemporary artist, internationally renowned, who uses words as the main mean of her expression (aphorisms).


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