A bit of confetti, a piece of melted chocolate, and a Swiss army knife – National Poetry Month day 5 with Elizabeth Fountain

Welcome to day five of National Poetry Month.  Today I have fellow WordPress blogger, Sci-Fi Writer and poet, Elizabeth Fountain.  I met Liz at a Science Fiction panel at last year’s Northwest Bookfest and have been following her blog posts ever since.   After reading her vivid poem below check out her blog for more of her writing.  Enjoy!

Elizabeth Fountain left a demanding job as a university administrator in Seattle to move to the small town of Ellensburg, Washington, and pursue her dream of writing novels. She started writing in grade school; fortunately, most of her tortured high school poetry and song lyrics are lost to posterity. Her first book, An Alien’s Guide to World Domination, is a tale of people, aliens, and dogs who face the impossible, and do it anyway. Now Liz has three more novels in progress, including You, Jane, which will be published by Champagne Book Group in June, 2014. She takes breaks from writing to teach university courses, spend time with family and friends, and take long walks while leaning into the diabolical Kittitas Valley wind. Liz strives to live according to a line from British singer-songwriter Chris Rea: “Every day, good luck comes in the strangest of ways.”

Read more of her work at her blog, Point No Point (http:// lizfountain.wordpress.com)

Poem from Elizabeth Fountain

I’m so grateful to Sonya for the invitation to contribute to her blog during National Poetry Month! I wrote this poem during a writing group session a few years ago in Seattle. Our lovely group of five writers met every week or so at a bookstore/coffee shop. We’d share prompts and write, reading our work to one another if we felt like it. Some of the most fun I’ve had writing was with Treg, Heidi, Nancy, & Peter.

Poetry, for me, holds two beautiful benefits. As a prose author, practicing poetry helps improve my craft. It tunes my ear to the sound and rhythm as well as the meaning of words. And, as a music lover, I locate poetry right next door to song lyrics, making them a delightful art form.

A bit of confetti, a piece of melted chocolate, and a Swiss army knife

You wake up in a strangely coloured light.
You wonder for a moment if you are still in the place you thought you’d left, or already in the place you meant to go next.
The light is the colour of a forest-fire sky. But the outside of your tent is damp; it’s been raining here.

You always check first for your swiss army knife. It was a gift
from your brother. His final gift to you. It’s there
in your pocket, where it should be.
You begin to breathe.

Breathing in the strangely-coloured, mistaken light.

Your mind begins to focus as you breathe. The morning air
has a chill to it. It surprises you to find, next to your knife, a bit of chocolate
melted in its wrapper. It is no longer the appropriate oblong shape.
It is now an obscene lump.

You don’t fully recall why you have a piece of chocolate in your pocket, nor why it melted. You lie in the strange mistaken light and breathe and try
not to recall too quickly.

In the corner of your pocket clings a bit of confetti.

Now you recall.

You breathe.

You hold your brother’s swiss army knife
you breathe
you recall
and begin preparing yourself to pack up and go.

by Elizabeth Fountain Copyright 2014

3 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you, Sonya, for including me in your National Poetry Month series, with all these other amazing poems!


  2. Reblogged this on Point No Point and commented:
    Thank you to Sonya Rhen for including me in her series on National Poetry Month. Here’s my piece; be sure to follow Sonya to read all the beautiful work she’s sharing.


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