Place and Unexpected – National Poetry Month day 8 with Jakub Sofranko

Welcome to National Poetry Month day 8.  Also, worthy of mention – today is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s so after reading some poetry, you might stop by your local Ben and Jerry’s.  Better yet bring a book of poems with you or write one while having a cone. 

Today I have poet and Twitter friend Jakub Sofranko.  Jakub says he is new to poetry, but I think he definitely has an affinity with words.  Enjoy!

Hey everyone, my name is Jakub Sofranko. I am starting author. I wrote my first poem 6 months ago. I haven’t written a lot of poems yet, actually only two, but I will work on them. I also work on sci – fi story.


I like poetry, because I can imagine someone’s minds and also put my minds on the paper and share it with other people.


There are my two poems. It is not lot of, but I will try to write more. If you like them, you can follow me on the twitter or tumblr and you will surely know about my new stuffs.  🙂  Enjoy the art.



The night is dark

the water is black

roses are grey

and grass is red

on this weird place

yes there exist a place…


But somewhere far away

where light is shining over the night,

there exist a place where butterflys

can fly

yes there exist a place…


Here, the water is not black

roses are red

and the grass has never been red

yes this is the place…


it is not a land

full of storms and wars

or even a worms

on this place…


people are better without swords

yes this is, arm less place…

amazing, wonderful, great, these words, cannot express this place




something happened

something unexpected

but beautiful as umbrella on surgery desk

just me and someone else


everything is clear now

butterflies are on the right place now

the rats can sing this poem

only God knows how and why


I do not care about why and how

I only love


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