The Broken Heart – National Poetry Month day 10 by Phil Teller

Welcome to day ten of National Poetry Month.  Today I have fellow Meetup Member, writer and poet Phil Teller with a beautiful piece.  Click the link below to his website to find some great pictures, poetry and stories.  Enjoy!

The Broken Heart is currently published in my recent book of short fiction and poetry entitled  A Dog’s Breakfast, Outright Lies And Other Short Fiction.

A Dog’s Breakfast is currently available at in Books, at A Book For All Seasons bookstore in Leavenworth Washington, at Soulfood Books in Redmond Washington, and at Main Street Books in Monroe Washington.

It was recently listed as number 16 on the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers List.

written by PHIL TELLER

The doctor listened carefully to my heart with his stethoscope.
“Is it broken?” I asked.
“No, it isn’t broken,” he replied. “It just feels like it’s broken because someone you love is sad . . . and you are very far away and you cannot be there to help her.”
My eyes filled with tears.
“She’ll be fine,” he said. “She’s a strong girl and she loves you very much.”
I stared at the floor as salty dewdrops fell from my eyes one by one.
“Your heart is only sprained,” he said. “I know it feels broken . . . but if you stay off it for a few weeks, it will mend. You have a good strong heart that loves deeply . . . and in time, it will be just like new.”
I nodded.
“I miss her terribly,” I said.
“I know you do,” he replied. “And she misses you as well. She will be fine . . . you both will be. Now go home and give your heart a rest . . . and come back to see me if it isn’t better in a few weeks.”
I nodded, unable to speak, and left the exam room.
I cried as I wandered back toward my life without her.
“This sure feels like a broken heart to me,” I said quietly to the sidewalk passing beneath my feet.

For more of my work, please visit my blog site There you will find a page of 64 photographs. Click any photograph and it will turn and become a short story or poem. If you find instructions on how to order my book under the photo, click a different photo, it means that work is in my book.

Thank you.




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