Regret – National Poetry Month day 11 with Casi Thomason

Welcome to National Poetry Month day eleven.  If you have been enjoying the poetry and wish you could participate I still have a few days left to fill.  Just leave a comment below.

Today I have fellow Ann Charles fan and poet, Casi Thomason.  It was serendipity when I asked Ann to post.  She said she didn’t write poetry, but Casi agreed to guest blog instead.  I love it when things come together like that.  Here is her beautiful heartfelt poem.  Enjoy!

Here is my first poem for National Poetry Month! 🙂 Thanks for letting me participate.
by Casi Thomason
I regret not holding on longer,
Wish I would have been more like a chain.
I regret not nurturing our love,
Like a flower that didn’t get rain.
I tear my own heart out
Over and over again.
I engrave the image in my mind;
Of that kiss we never shared..
How I regret not kissing you!
I regret uprooting
What should have stayed planted;
What would have been fruitful and blossomed
Into God’s beautiful creation.
Casi Thomason
Copyright 2014

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