The Twilight Blue – National Poetry Month day 14 with Michael O’Connor

Welcome to National Poetry Month day fourteen.  Today I have fellow blogger, and poet Michael O’Connor.  Michael will be back for a second post on April 24th.  Check out his website for an interesting collaboration in creativity.  Enjoy the rhythm of his poem below!



I started writing poetry quite by accident, and it almost always rhymes. I usually set out to write song lyrics and see what I’m left with. I’m most influenced by songwriters, who I consider to be today’s most inspiring poets. My poems tend to be somewhat obscure and vague, by design. I like people to have their own interpretations. Today, I’ve selected to share what I consider to be my signature poem, newly (and hastily) re-edited. Thank you, Sonya for organizing, and letting me participate in, such a wonderful month long event.




The Twilight Blue

The calm settles in and peace takes hold

As day winds down and night unfolds

You can feel the enveloping hue

Of the Twilight Blue


As blue leaks out and black seeps in

The day surrenders and night starts to win

You can hear whispers calling to you

From the Twilight Blue


The exchange evokes a strange lament

Black consumes as blue relents

And serenity slips away

With the Twilight Blue



© 2014 Michael P. O’Connor. All rights reserved.





Michael O’Connor is the founder of OCEnterprises Inc., an incubator for creative development. Publisher of several blogs on Blogger, including The Twilight Blue and The Reason 87, he expects to self-publish The Twilight Blue: Volume I and Live Life On Purpose: A Handbook for Achievement in 2014. Connect with Michael on social media through his website


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