Transference – National Poetry Month day 16 with Eric Ian Huffman

Welcome to National Poetry Month day sixteen.  Today I have fellow WordPress blogger and poet, Eric Ian Huffman.  Check back later in the month for another post with Eric.   After reading the poem about what makes a great poem click on the link to his website for his varied and prolific poems.  Enjoy!


A great poem, a poem which stays
A poem, which becomes a part of us
After having tasted and eaten its beating heart
Seeps into us deeply, burrowing, seeding
Coating our bones in its own thick blood
Making us drunk of crimson-truth’s philanthropy
Raping resistant minds with its fierce epiphany
A great poem, a poem which stays
Carried forth, assimilated in one’s marrow
Has within its sentience, a life sacrificed
And, consequently, a martyr’s departure
If you look closely into its gaze
If you dare watch it bleed out
You will see its dark pupils open wide
As it surrenders itself in death
As it acquiesces its last breath
Its entirety borne within the vapor
You will see its soul, passing
And feel its transference
These poems exist
Just to die for us
Changing our sight, forever
This, is the work of poets
These poems, mercifully rare
Though still, we hunger
Still, we quake

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