Trigger – National Poetry Month day 19 with Eric Ian Huffman

Welcome to National Poetry Month day nineteen.  Happy Record Store Day!  Read some poetry, then head out to your nearest record store and buy some musical poetry!

Today I have fellow WordPress blogger and poet Eric Ian Huffman.  Read his expressive poem below and then click on the link to find more of his imagery filled poems.  Enjoy!



We’ve each our unspoken trigger
The thing which brings us to remember
All the hurt, and churning uncertainty
Recalling The blind-mole, murmuring madness of the womb
Bravery, belonging only to the shining knights of fable
No, we are all frightened, shivering children
Never quite grown, wearing clothing decades too-large
Quivering in wait, anticipating the dark hammer’s fall
Though we smile, exchanging banter, the fear stalks
Black terror crawling up our throats, choking us
Coating our tongues with thick coagulate, as we speak
Seeping through the narrow gaps in our teeth
Collecting in the corners of our mouths, smelling foul
Look to the right, to the left, you will see, it’s there
It is for this, that smiles are so rare, and so seldom dared

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