Tell Me Direction – National Poetry Month day 23 with Jessica Lindly

Welcome to National Poetry Month day twenty-three.  Today I have fellow Meetup member and poet Jessica Lindly.  Below is her thoughtful  poem.  Enjoy!


First off, I’d like to thank Sonya for this wonderful opportunity to contribute to an amazing month of blogging.


Poetry is kind of like tearing yourself open and seeing all that you have inside, and then taking that and being able to communicate it.



Tell Me Direction

Please tell me that there is something better than bitter

That I can take bitter

And kill it

That’s all I need to hear

Please tell me that the sun knows why it shines

That it gives its rays direction

And that it’s possible

That I could get some of that direction

Let me know why the mouse squeaks

Because as someone who has felt like a mouse

And barely made a sound

This is the most important question

Let me know that the moon is worth more than what the sun gives it

That it has its own light beyond the sun’s rays

Because reflection is certainly worth something

 But even I must question if it is worth enough

But how could it be true

When the sun rises every day

And I still walk lost


Jessica Lindly Copyright 2014


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