Better Self – National Poetry Month day 24 with Michael O’Connor

Welcome to National Poetry Month day twenty-four.  Today I have fellow blogger and poet Michael O’Connor returning for a second poem post.  I am especially pleased to post today on Michael’s 50th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Michael!  I am in awe that Michael has found so many words to rhyme with “inside”.   Enjoy Michael’s introspection and when you’re done reading check out his website which has a unique collaboration of artistic endeavors.  Enjoy!


I started writing poetry quite by accident, and it almost always rhymes. I usually set out to write song lyrics and see what I’m left with. I’m most influenced by songwriters, who I consider to be today’s most inspiring poets. My poems tend to be somewhat obscure and vague, by design. I like people to have their own interpretations. Anyway, I’ve selected this one because it takes on special meaning for me as I turn 50. It started as an intentional exercise to rhyme every line. I share writing credit with my friend, Catherine Pedersen, who was instrumental in helping me edit it. Thank you, Sonya for allowing me to share it on your blog.




Better Self

My better self is locked inside

Each escape has been denied

Despite the fact that I’ve relied

Upon my faith to turn the tide

Of evil feelings that won’t subside

And though my heart is open wide

The painful scars from tears I’ve cried

Are in plain view and cannot hide

From evil eyes that always spied

I fear my better self has died

But my soul is shrinking from its pride

The Grace of God will now decide

To whom allegiance is allied

And lift the burden of worries sighed

The evil, vanquished, starts to slide

From where it’s chosen to reside

And frees my better self to abide


© 2014 Michael P. O’Connor. All rights reserved.




Michael O’Connor is the founder of OCEnterprises Inc., an incubator for creative development. Publisher of several blogs on Blogger, including The Twilight Blue and The Reason 87, he expects to self-publish The Twilight Blue: Volume I and Live Life On Purpose: A Handbook for Achievement in 2014. Connect with Michael on social media through his website



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