Stay Little – National Poetry Month day 25 with Kristy Lloyd

Welcome to National Poetry Month day twenty-five.  Happy National Arbor Day!  Plant a tree or just get out and enjoy the beauty of one.

Today I have dear friend, mother of my son’s friend and poet Kristy Lloyd.  Parents out there will understand the sentiment.  Enjoy!


Stay Little


I want you to stay little, but don’t you listen to me

It would be selfish of me to keep you frozen, a child

But I am selfish


You will fly as most girls do

I will be your safe place to land

When you go far into that great beyond

Don’t forget the baggage from home

Meant to be tools for you, heavy as they are


You there, looking in the mirror

A reflection of what you see, not who you are.

Take heart


You are more than today’s fads and fashions

I am a spectator; watching you try on different hats.

To be honest, every single one is cute on you,

I can still see you burning through it all


You’re an ember

Lucky is the one who gets burned


by Kristy Lloyd

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