Why We Dance – National Poetry Month day 29 with Rebecca Wolf-Nail

Welcome to National Poetry Month day twenty-nine.  Today I have fellow belly dancer, author and poet Rebecca Wolf-Nail.  I love her comparison of dancing and poety.  After reading the poem below, check out her website for belly dancing, mysteries and murder.  Enjoy!

First of all, thank you Sonya for this wonderful blog and the opportunity to contribute.

For me, poetry picks up where prose leaves off. It’s like the difference between dancing and walking—walking gets you someplace, but dancing taps into your very soul and conveys much more. We can describe many things in traditional, full-sentence writing, but poetry gives us the chance to break free from the rules and write what we feel or see.


Why we dance

It’s not because we are happy

We dance when we’re sad

It’s not because we are sad

We dance when we’re happy

It’s not because the sun shines

We dance in the dark

It’s not because of the dark

We dance in the light

We dance

Because the music calls us

We dance because we are alive

You might as well ask

“Why do you breathe?”


Rebecca Wolf-Nail Copyright 2014

Bio: I am a writer, composer and belly dancer. I recently published my first murder mystery, Murder at the Arabian Nights—A Belly Dance Mystery!

Website: www.bellydancemysteries.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wolfnail Facebook website and blog: www.facebook.com/bellydancemysteries

Twitter: Rebecca Wolf-Nail @RebeccaWolfNail

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  1. Perfect timing, even if I forgot, but today is International Dance Day! 🙂


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