Versatile Blogger Award


Many thanks to Eric Ian Huffman for the nomination.  I had not heard of this until I was “nominated” and it is with much thanks and honor that I accept.  Please take the time to visit Eric’s website.  He has a wonderful way with poetry and prose.


So as I understand from the Versatile Awards website,  I  will now nominate fifteen websites worth reading or looking at, in no particular order:

Welcome to my Mind….




Finally here are seven things about myself:


1)  I am half Korean.  You might have realized this from reading past blogs and seeing pictures of my mom.

2)  I don’t like or drink coffee.  However, I have a tea cupboard that spills over onto the counter.

3)  I have never lived anywhere besides Western Washington, aside from 3 months schooling in Korea.

4)  I have published a science fiction novel, but I don’t read much sci-fi.  I like to watch sci-fi shows.  I mostly read mysteries.

5)  My house feels more like home with at least one cat in it.  Sometimes we share with other cats and dogs… and a certain husband and kids.  Other times we make them go out and take a walk.

6)  When I’m not writing, hanging out with the family and doing miscellaneous housework, I do belly dancing with the Habibi Nile Dancers troupe.

7)  I love the water and enjoyed the few times I’ve gone sailing, floating, and rafting, but I’m not a great swimmer.





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