Flash Fiction Month post #1|The Old Man of Ramblin’ Road by Victoria Farnsworth

Today I have fellow Goodreads author Victoria Farnsworth.  Please check out the Goodreads  page for more from this fascinating writer and former clown.   Enjoy!

Victoria Farnsworth

Victoria Farnsworth




The Old Man of Ramblin’ Road


The old man lived at the end of Ramblin’ Road, in an old shack that was barely standing. Since the road came to a dead end where the path to his front door began, it was impossible to miss his house, if you took the right turn off the highway.


He was a kind old man who took his daily walk down Ramblin’ Road, out to the highway, then left, and on into town. He bought a few groceries, then walked back to Ramblin Road, removed his mail from the box, and walked back to his shack.


Everyone in town knew the old man and where he lived, but no one ever bothered to visit or phone him, if he even owned a phone. One day, the old man didn’t come to town. The store keeper was concerned and began asking customers if anyone had seen him. By the end of the day, not one customer had seen the old man.


The storekeeper had a family, and duties kept him from driving out to see if the old man was okay. The next day at the store, still no old man. Three days passed before the storekeeper managed to drive out to Ramblin’ Road and down to the old man’s shack. He parked his car at the end of the road and walked up the path and onto the rickety porch. While knocking on the door, the storekeeper looked around and made a mental note that someone should come out and give the old man a hand.


No one answered the knocking, so the storekeeper called with a loud voice, “Is anyone at home?” There was still no answer. He gently tried the front door; it was unlocked. The storekeeper opened the door and stepped inside. He called again, “Is anyone at home?” There was no answer. The storekeeper was beginning to have a very uneasy feeling that something bad had happened.


Cautiously, he walked through the front room into the kitchen. A few dirty dishes were scattered on the counter and table; a skillet with some remains of fried eggs still sat on the stove. He called again, “Is any one at home?” With no answer, he felt he had no choice. He started to walk back to the front room where he could enter the bedroom. He was so afraid of what he would find. As the storekeeper passed by the refrigerator, he noticed a hand-written note held by a magnet.


I won the lottery and I won’t be back!



Here is the same story only written as micro fiction.


The old man who lived at the end of Ramblin’ Road left after winning the lottery and is never coming back!

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