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I have to thank B.G. Bowers for tagging me in this Why I Write blog hop.  She’s a wonderfully honest and insightful author and poet.  If you haven’t read her writings yet, please take the time check them out.  They are well worth the read.  Her blog post was two weeks ago and I have been slow in getting to my writing, so apologies for the lateness of this post.


I would say that writing is like breathing, only it’s not.  Maybe for some people it is.  For me, life so often “gets in the way”, as they put it.  I have been struggling with finishing my second Shredded Orphans novel.  It should have been done in June, but that didn’t happen.  I think I may be stifled by the fear that the second book may not be as good as the first… and the first has not “sold like gangbusters”.  But really that doesn’t matter.  If I’m going to be true to my writing, then I have to learn to ignore outside influences and write for myself.  In my head I know this, but it’s infinitely harder to really convince myself of this truth.

I think it would be a lot easier to write if I lived a solitary existence.  I would not have to plan birthday parties, family vacations, memorial services, and holiday gatherings.  There would not be needs I required fulfilling, like volunteering at school, checking on break-ins at a parent’s house, dancing, sewing costumes, baking, cleaning, driving people here and there, taking care of my spouse after a bike accident, etc.  Life would be easier… but much less rich.  Life always seems to get in the way.  I know, I see the finger pointing, it says if I really wanted to write I would find the time.  I have also read so many authors say that you can’t really be a writer unless you write every day or write at least two hours every day.   Well, sometimes life gets in the way.  I cannot write in this way.  Maybe someday I can hope to achieve this, but for now, it’s not really possible.

Even still, I feel like a writer.  To me, written words are the best form of communication.  I can be eloquent, because I can re-read, go back, correct, re-write.  My writing may not always be perfect, but it’s easier to express myself if I can check it before it leaves my presence to its intended audience.  Still I am not really sure why some people feel the need to draw a line about whether or not one is a “real” writer.  Where would you in fact draw that line?  If you write a blog, a book, a novel, literary fiction, financial success, number of books written, critical acclaim?  I much prefer the answer – if you write, you are a writer.

So why do I write?  I enjoy it.  I love playing with words, creating characters, working plot, building worlds.  I love poetry for the rhythm and sound and building something with words.  I love coming up with situations and finding where my characters go from there.  I love inventing new stories and trying to see where they will go.  I like getting inside a characters head, because what they say or do may be completely different than what they think.  (I guess that’s the Psych major in me coming out.)  I have no deep dark past that I need to write about for therapeutic reasons, but writing is escapism for me.  I love to be taken out of this world and transported into another.  I have not been in a war or a victim of some violent act, where I might be suffering PTSD.  Still, writing or reading or any way to lose myself in a good story is a way to relieve the stresses and sorrows that everyday life brings.  I guess that’s why I tend to write more humor in my fiction, although this blog tends to be more an outlet for serious considerings.  (Yes, I know, not a real word.)  Sometimes I just write to clear my head of thoughts that won’t seem to go away.  Writing is freeing in this way.

Is writing the same for me as breathing?  No.  Writing is more like dancing.  I enjoy both and wouldn’t want to give up either.  Why I write…  I write for the love of it.  I write for joy.



Also, I forgot that I should tag someone.  I have a very difficult time asking people for things, especially like this.  So, if this idea appeals to you, consider yourself tagged and put your blog info in the comments.  Happy Writing!  🙂


KEXP listener Poll top 100

Below are the top 100 artists from the poll.  It was so much fun listening to this all last week.  See if any our your favorites made it to the list.  (For the complete list click here.)

Top arttists of all time!

Top Artists Poll Of 2014!

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Rank Artist
1 The Beatles
2 Radiohead
3 Led Zeppelin
4 The Clash Buy!
5 Nirvana Buy!
6 Pixies Buy!
7 David Bowie Buy!
8 Bob Dylan
9 The Rolling Stones
10 Neil Young
11 R.E.M.
12 Pink Floyd
13 Johnny Cash
14 The Smiths
15 Talking Heads
16 The Cure
17 Arcade Fire
18 Beastie Boys
19 Jimi Hendrix
20 Pearl Jam
21 U2
22 Wilco
23 Joy Division
24 Modest Mouse
25 Lcd Soundsystem
26 Prince
27 New Order
28 Elliott Smith
29 Beck
30 The Velvet Underground
31 The National
32 Bob Marley & The Wailers
33 The Replacements
34 Built To Spill
35 Tom Waits
36 Ramones
37 Jack White
38 The Who
39 Depeche Mode
40 Queen
41 Sonic Youth
42 The White Stripes
43 Bruce Springsteen
44 Neko Case
45 Sigur Ros
46 Elvis Costello
47 Death Cab For Cutie
48 Miles Davis
49 Bjork
50 Michael Jackson
51 The Kinks
52 James Brown
53 Grateful Dead
54 Pavement
55 Stevie Wonder
56 PJ Harvey
57 Smashing Pumpkins
58 Van Morrison
59 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
60 Spoon
61 Fugazi
62 Nine Inch Nails
63 Aretha Franklin
64 Nina Simone
65 The Doors
66 The Flaming Lips
67 Patti Smith
68 Leonard Cohen
69 Soundgarden
70 Public Enemy
71 Belle & Sebastian
72 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
73 Fleetwood Mac
74 Queens Of The Stone Age
75 Lou Reed
76 Paul Simon
77 Otis Redding
78 Alt-J
79 The Shins
80 Tool
81 Black Sabbath
82 Jane’s Addiction
83 The Decemberists
84 Ryan Adams
85 X
86 Yo La Tengo
87 Kate Bush
88 My Morning Jacket
89 Sufjan Stevens
90 Willie Nelson
91 Elvis Presley
92 Outkast
93 The Beach Boys
94 Neutral Milk Hotel
95 Guided By Voices
96 Massive Attack
97 The Black Keys
98 The Mountain Goats
99 Nick Drake
100 The Police