Review for Space Tripping #BookReviews #LongAndShortReviews


Long and Short reviews gave a book review of Space Tripping with the Shredded Orphans last month.  Lets me know about some things to work on and what things they liked.  Unfortunately, I just finished formatting book 2, so those will have to be things to work on for book 3.  You can read the whole review here:

Or it’s also posted on Amazon.

Thanks to Long and Short Reviews for their support of authors!

5 thoughts on “Review for Space Tripping #BookReviews #LongAndShortReviews

    • No, it seems like a pretty good service. They will take long or short stories and you e-mail them to the site. Then if any of their readers finds it interesting, they will download it, read it and review it. Another author had her book reviewed on there and I thought I would try it. This is only the second place I’ve submitted my book to for review, but the first review I’ve had posted, outside of Goodreads readers. I’m trying to get a little more publicity for my book. Book two should be out this week.

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