Happy Little Poetry Month and National Library Week #PoetryMonth #NationalLibraryWeek

I hope you are all enjoying April, its showers and poetry month.  Here is a link to three years ago my first post where I had a full month of poems to celebrate.  They were great and I had a lot of fun doing it.  If you’re looking for some of my poetry, you can find traces in both my Shredded Orphans novels or a complete book of it in Requite Me: Poems of Love, Jealousy and Angst.   Click the picture below

Requite Me Front green

This week is also National Library Week, so celebrate by heading to your local library and availing yourself of their many resources.  Here’s an article about how libraries are good at fighting fake news and the current state of the library.

It’s so important these days to have information, knowledge, available to the people, so we can make our own informed decisions, which is why this news story saddens me.  Click the link and scroll down to the post about Mexican newspapers closing due to the assassinations of journalists in order to suppress news.  I grew up in the 70’s and somehow I feel the world has gotten worse, more violent.  Maybe it’s just that the 80’s were so much fun?

And what could be more fun than Cyndi Lauper?


Happy Poetry Month and Have Fun!



What Bird – National Poetry Month Day 3 with Bonnie McClellan

Welcome to day three of National Poetry Month.  Today I am pleased to present fellow WordPress blogger and  poet Bonnie McClellan.  Her blog contains many of her expressive poems as well as poems from other participants in International Poetry Month in February.  Check those out on her link below.  Enjoy!


The locust tree begins:
scarlet thorns, greening branches.

Impatient spring slips wetly
the van der Waals bonds
of this weak winter.

Time, time, time,
wasted in blank tasks:
showers, flossing, the recycling of newspapers.

I forget what bird I saw this morning.


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April is National Poetry Month – Blog Anyone?

Since April is National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fun to have guest bloggers post a poem a day in the month of April.  This is not a contest and would be a non-judgmental fun way to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Let me know if  you are interested in joining me.  I’ll take 29 posts from fellow writers.  Just comment below if you would like to be included and I will get you the details.

Thanks and Happy Writing!